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  • High efficiency in pleading before state courts in Turkey, and in other countries, including levels of litigation and all types of courts, and in a way that preserves and guarantees the rights of the client, all within the framework of the highest standards of commitment, quality, transparency and diligence.
  • We provide professional technical service before investigation authorities and adjudication committees of various types and jurisdictions.
  • Writing regulations, memorandums, legal regulations, and objections to judicial rulings on appeal, cassation, and requesting reconsideration.

Legal Consultations

  • The high efficiency of the consultants in the office guarantees the client the simplification of solutions within the framework of the technical professionalism gained from the laws, thus directing the client to the best options for solving problems, in the shortest time, most efficiently, and with the guaranteed result.

Representing Parties in Contract Negotiations

  • Providing client representation service during the contract negotiation stage, and providing legal opinion to ensure the best, safest and most secure results during the stages of implementing the contract subject.
    We provide this service whether contracting inside or outside Turkey, which means knowing the laws in the various countries where the contract is made, or where the contract is being executed.

Drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements

  • We provide highly professional services in reviewing and drafting all contracts and agreements of all types and types.

Legal representation of establishments, entities and individuals

  • We provide legal representation for individuals or companies before various public courts, and in all disputes and lawsuits (civil, commercial, criminal, administrative, personal status issues, etc.).

Establishing, merging and liquidating companies

  • Our offices work on managing disputes and lawsuits related to the provisions of the companies’ system, the responsibilities of its managers and partners, their rights, the establishment of companies, and amendment to the articles of incorporation in light of the provisions of the relevant laws.

Trademark Registration

  • Our office provides services for preserving and registering trademarks and trade names, and protecting them from imitation and reproduction by registering them legally and in record time, which contributes to achieving the facility’s commercial objectives, protecting its intellectual rights, and achieving the highest standards of quality and competition.

Debt Collection

  • Our office works to collect debts according to the best and fastest legal mechanisms, and according to the best negotiating, legal, field and executive methods and procedures.

International issues

  • Through cooperation agreements with a group of international legal offices, we provide the best litigation services in countries.

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