The system of government in Turkey: the legislative power

Parliament of Turkey:

  • Legislative power is vested in a unicameral parliament.
  • The Turkish parliament consists of 600 members.
  • Members are elected for a term of (5) five years according to the D’hondt method.
  • Every citizen over the age of eighteen (18) has the right to be a deputy. Members of Parliament may not hold positions in state administrations, other public legal entities and their subsidiaries.
  • Members of Parliament can sit on behalf of a political party, or as an independent MP.
  • A simple majority is required to amend the law, and a two-thirds majority to amend the Constitution.
  • Bills can be submitted by any member of Parliament.

Duties and powers of the Turkish parliament:

  • Enactment, Amendment and repeal of laws.
  • Discussion and adoption of draft laws on the budget and final accounts.
  • The decision to declare war.
  • Approval of the ratification of international treaties.
  • A decision was taken by a majority of three-fifths of the members of the Turkish parliament to declare amnesty.
  • The exercise of powers and duties provided for in other articles of the Constitution.

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